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Speed increaser for engine endurance tests

6 July 2019
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This speed increaser is an evolution of the T-shape gearboxes for which we have gain a sound expertise through the 20 units and more manufactured. Thus we found the usual bevel gears but also intermediary gear trains allowing a vertical offset easily recognizable with this impressive column. This offset is made to answer the best as possible our customer dimension needs. Unlike the other T-shape gearboxes mainly used for test benches, this one is designed for production line with 50 000h lifetime as it is used for engine validation.


Multiplicateur pour équilibreuse




  • Power : 2 x 375 kW
  • Input speed : 12 000 rpm
  • Output speed : 7 850 rpm
  • HS maximum torque : 1 600 Nm
  • Weight : 1 100 Kg


This T-shape gearbox has a phonic wheel embedded for rotational speed measurement and is also equipped with a torquemeter on HS side. The very low gear backlash gives the test system durability in every validation steps.

Speed increasers for aircraft turbine test bench

5 July 2019
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Heavy and robust, those speed increasers are built for high performances. The two high power gearboxes are designed with a vertical offset to answer specific customer constraints and integrate torquemeters flanged to the casing. They can transmit torque from 10 000 to 70 000 Nm at high speeds up to 12 000 rpm. The two speed increasers are part of an aircraft turbine test bench


Speed increaser for low pressure turbine test bench


Multiplicateur pour banc d'essai de turbine basse pression




  • Power : 14 000 kW
  • Input speed : 3 500 rpm
  • Output speed : 1 726 rpm
  • HS maximum torque : 70 000 Nm
  • Weight : 10 900 Kg


Speed increaser for high pressure turbine test bench:


Multiplicateur pour banc d'essai de turbine haute pression




  • Power : 8 000 kW
  • Input speed : 12 000 rpm
  • Output speed : 4 634 rpm
  • HS maximum torque : 10 000 Nm
  • Weight : 3 700 Kg


Boisset & Cie BC SA becomes BCSA GEAR

9 April 2018
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The continuity is there for BCSA GEAR celebrating its 20 years.

M. Boisset hand over to M. Montillet

Left to right, Mr David Montillet and Mr Jacques Boisset

Indeed it was in 1998 when Mr Jacques Boisset took over MAAG France activities establishing Boisset & Cie BC SA. At BCSA GEAR everything accelerates and the last months were eventful.

Last June Boisset & Cie BC SA becomes BCSA GEAR, and the company changes hands. Thus it is with a lot of emotions that Mr Jacques Boisset is getting a well-deserved retirement and hands over the company to Mr David Montillet and Mr Christophe Boisset. Indeed the previous CEO made the choice of a continuity for the company keeping all activities, its organization and dynamism. A page turns but the BCSA GEAR story continues.

Gearbox for balancing machines, 20 000rpm 4 050Nm

7 March 2018
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This is our last gearbox for balancing machines just getting out of our workshop. This speed increaser allows a gear shifting between the coaxial shafts. Thus on the second gear we reach a 10/1 ratio between LS and HS shafts. As the previous balancing machine gearboxes, it is designed to work in a vacuum chamber.

Gearbox for balancing machines




  • Power : 350 kW
  • Input speed :2 000 tr/min
  • Output speed : 7 500/20 000 tr/min
  • Maximum torque : 4 050 Nm
  • Weight : 1 780 Kg


Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018

26 February 2018
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Image Automotive Testing Expo 2018

Meet us in Germany in Stuttgart on June 5th, 6th and 7th for the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018.

We will be presenting in particular the speed increasers we design for formula 1 with the ERS systems: MGU-K (formerly KERS) and MGU-H.

We will also tell you more about our T-shape gearboxes. They allow to similate axle loads and are mainly used on engine test benches.

Our team will be at the booth number 1054 to answer all your questions about our products and help you in your projects.
In the meantime feel free to ask your questions online with this form or by calling us at this number +33 (0)4 72 14 69 00.