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Your specialist is moving !

11 December 2020
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Premises rue Jean Corona BCSA GEAR
BCSA GEAR Workshop


Boxes are unpacked !

Here we are, just moved in our new premises at 17 rue Jean Corona in Vaulx-en-Velin still in Lyon area, ready to welcome you and carry out your projects. This new location, bigger with no less than 2400m² of workshop and 540m² of offices, allowed us to modernize our equipment and gather in the same place workshop and offices. These last years the trust of our customers conducted us to carry out projects ever more impressive and complex. Today more than ever we are ready to face the challenge of custom made gearbox manufacturing. See you soon at BCSA GEAR.

COVID-19 information

23 March 2020
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In response to the sanitary crisis related to COVID-19, we mobilize all our strength to ensure the protection of our employees, customers, suppliers, service providers and of course all their family.

Social distancing measures have been undertaken according to national directives. Thus, part of our employees is teleworking and all our work trips are postponed.

In this crisis period, we endeavor to maintain our business running while taking all the precautionary measures. Nevertheless, delivery delays may occur because of the closure from part of our suppliers or service providers.

Our team stays at your disposal during our normal opening hours. Do not hesitate to contact us by emails or phone preferring mobile phone numbers.

We are monitoring the current sanitary crisis very carefully and we hope seeing you soon. We wish you all to get through this period the best as possible and more importantly in good health.

Looking forward to see you,

The BCSA GEAR team

High speed T-shape gearbox, 28 500 rpm ! Automotive industry

4 November 2019
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This gearbox is just the fastest T-shape gearbox we have designed with its 28 484 rpm. It will be very soon integrated to an emotor test bench for the automotive industry.


boite en T pour banc d'essai de moteurs électriques




  • Power : 2 x 300 kW
  • Input speed :3 200 rpm
  • Output speed : 28 484 rpm
  • Maximum torque HS: 674 Nm
  • Maximum torque LS : 6 000 Nm
  • Weight : 1 380 Kg


Gearbox for train and tramway e-motor test bench

13 September 2019
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The speed increaser SP 3600/4 was designed to become integrated into an existing testing cell to test in particular the last generation of traction motors. Thus it is custom-made and provided with its lubrication unit. The size of the gearbox is already big (5m wide) and it gets embedded into a 20t BCSA manufactured baseframe of 8m X 5m.

On a performance level, each line can transmit 1MW power with automatic clutch depending on the specified speed.


Mutiplicateur pour banc d'essai de moteurs ferroviaires




  • Power : 2 100 kW
  • Input speed :1 400 rpm
  • Output speeds :
    5 000 / 7 500 rpm
  • Max torque : 5 590 Nm
  • Weight : 15 t


Speed increaser for engine endurance tests

6 July 2019
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This speed increaser is an evolution of the T-shape gearboxes for which we have gain a sound expertise through the 20 units and more manufactured. Thus we found the usual bevel gears but also intermediary gear trains allowing a vertical offset easily recognizable with this impressive column. This offset is made to answer the best as possible our customer dimension needs. Unlike the other T-shape gearboxes mainly used for test benches, this one is designed for production line with 50 000h lifetime as it is used for engine validation.


Multiplicateur pour équilibreuse




  • Power : 2 x 375 kW
  • Input speed : 12 000 rpm
  • Output speed : 7 850 rpm
  • HS maximum torque : 1 600 Nm
  • Weight : 1 100 Kg


This T-shape gearbox has a phonic wheel embedded for rotational speed measurement and is also equipped with a torquemeter on HS side. The very low gear backlash gives the test system durability in every validation steps.