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Gearbox for train and tramway e-motor test bench

13 September 2019
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The speed increaser SP 3600/4 was designed to become integrated into an existing testing cell to test in particular the last generation of traction motors. Thus it is custom-made and provided with its lubrication unit. The size of the gearbox is already big (5m wide) and it gets embedded into a 20t BCSA manufactured baseframe of 8m X 5m.

On a performance level, each line can transmit 1MW power with automatic clutch depending on the specified speed.


Mutiplicateur pour banc d'essai de moteurs ferroviaires




  • Power : 2 100 kW
  • Input speed :1 400 rpm
  • Output speeds :
    5 000 / 7 500 rpm
  • Max torque : 5 590 Nm
  • Weight : 15 t


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