Cement plant gearboxes and heavy duty gearboxes


BCSA GEAR is a heavy duty gearboxes manufacturer ; heavy duty gearboxes are designed for cement plant and equip a large number of drive systems in cement plants the world over. BCSA GEAR offers full engineering of the transmission between the driving motor and the mills, kilns, bucket elevators, centrifugal separators, fans, and belt conveyors, including torsional analysis calculations for the installation.


Reduction gearbox, parallel shaft gearbox for heavy duty in cement plant+ Gearbox for fluid cement bucket conveyor+
Gearbox for raw mill in cement plant+ Heavy duty gearbox for cement plant+
Planetary gearbox for cement plant excavator wheel+ Parallel shaft reduction gearbox in cement plant+
reduction gearbox parallel shaft for cement plant+ Reduction gearbox U series, universal reduction gearbox+
reduction gearbox, gearbox for conveyor belt in cement-plant angle driven+ Reduction gearbox for cement ball mills+


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