MAAG Plantery gear & reduction gearbox MAAG reduction gear, planetary gearboxes distributor

BCSA GEAR is the sole representative for MAAG® gearboxes in France and the Maghreb.
Since 1913 MAAG GEAR AG has been designing and building high-tech turbo gearboxes and planetary gears suitable for the most difficult specifications.

MAAG® gearboxes pass the highest powers and torques in the severest conditions, thanks especially to sophisticated plain bearings, highly modified tooth profiles and high precision machining which have made the MAAG® reduction gearbox the most efficient in the cement industry.
The experience accumulated over such a long period has enabled MAAG® to develop horizontal and vertical planetary gears with performance, efficiency, reliability, longevity and profitability unequalled elsewhere in the world.


planetary gear MAAG
MAAG CPU type planetary gear for central ball mill
reduction gearbox MAAG LGDX, lateral drive gearbox
MAAG new generation LGDX type reduction gearbox for ball mill lateral drive
planetary reduction gearbox MAAG
MAAG WPU type reduction gearbox for vertical mill drive

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