Mechanical power transmission

mechanical power transmission systems

Critical speeds analysis on HS shaft (Campbell diagram)

BCSA GEAR offers you unique solutions matching your specific needs in terms of industrial mechanical power transmission. We design and manufacture power transmission systems.

Its design department has a real know-how and a great experience in working out mechanical power transmission solutions.
Our engineering team can count in particular on their dynamic behavior analysis for HS lines knowledge.

This knowledge allows us to design new systems and to ensure their proper functioning.


Types of power transmission systems:


high speed balancing gearbox with speed shifting machine

Gearbox for balancing machines.

Gearbox speed shifting machines for high speed rotor balancing systems:

We have already designed about thirty gearbox shift speed devices of this kind. Their specificities are the heavy loads driving meaning high torques and high powers (Up to 10mW and 115 000Nm). Meanwhile they permit high speeds transmission systems (Up to 30 0000 rpm).
Their design allows a speed shifting on the same HS shaft.
These speeds shifting can be manual or remote controlled operated by an electric jack.
Auxiliary drives are integrated to permit the step by step turbine rotation.


High speed bearings used as an vaccum enclosure compatible interface:

high speed bearings vacuum compatible, HSB machines on test

Vaccum compatible high speed bearings, HSB machines on test


Because of the high speed air friction, vacuum installation are commonly used for testing purposes. We design high speed bearings able to ensure the sealing with the vacuum area while transmitting the required torque at high speed. We also integrate constraints such as axial and radial load created by the application or the axial play facilitating the installation.



Flywheels with integrated torquemeters for braking system tests:

As a part of braking system tests, we designed machines with flywheels. Those reducers allow the choice among one or several inertia on the same shaft. Moreover, as other projects, we planned the torquemeter integration. The brakes are directly fixed on our casing and a bearing protects the machine against the braking process guaranteeing the installation longevity.

flywheel for braking system test, Inertia choice

Flywheel for braking system test with inertia choice

flywheel system for braking systems

Flywheel system on braking system test.

industrial flywheel for test systems

Flywheel internal view, single inertia system

flywheel test bench with embedded torquemeter

Flywheel with embedded torquemeter

Innovative protections for mechanical power transmission

Bearings on cushioning pad

Most of our gearboxes allows our customers to perform tests. Some of these tests are rough for the mechanic, mainly for the tested device but also the driving machines in particular in destructive tests.
Thus, we have looked for protecting our gearboxes against these collateral effects.
Here under our gearbox is equipped with bearings protections against the fatigue test vibrations.

Gearbox with bearing protection system

Gearbox with bearing protection system

Shear groove device

We offer shear groove devices with transmission fuses with a customizable shear torque to protect driving lines.

shear groove device, transmission fuses

Transmission fuses


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