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Speed increaser up to 72,000rpm

25 June 2016
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BCSA GEAR has realized a 500kW speed increaser gearbox on ball bearings up to 72,000rpm.

The advantage of this design is the stability of the high speed shaft for test bench applications.
This gearbox is used for the development of turbojet compressors.








Helicopter transmission gearbox test bench

21 June 2016
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  • Mechnical close loop test bench
  • Hydraulic loading device
  • Multipurpose test bench, capable of testing different types of MGB by changing adaptor gearbox
  • Helicopter main gearbox installation in less than 2 hours


MGB LS Shaft

Max Speed : 450 rpm

Max Torque : 191 000 Nm

Main rotor shaft loading

Vertical upward thrust : 120 000 N

Shear load : 15 000 N

Bending moment : 25 000 N