Test systems

BCSA GEAR has been a world leader in the design, construction and commissioning of test benches and testing systems for over 50 years. Our test stands are used in particular in the motor industry, railway sector, aeronautical engine sector.

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Aeronautical industry: aircraft engine test bench

aircraft engine test cell, aeronautical test bench
This is a mechanical inertia simulator for jet engine test bench (full power and full speed). It is located between the aircraft engine and the loading machine (12 MW at 11,500 rpm)

Automotive engine test stand, Formula 1 test bench

engine test stand, automotive test bench manufacturer
This high speed reduction gearbox for Formula 1 engine test bench allows to test full power and full speed. The reduction gearbox is placed between the Formula 1 engine and the loading machine (800 kW at 22,000 rpm)

Transport: Rail power motor test bench

rail power motor test bench design and manufacturing
This rail power motor test bench allows up to seven engines to be tested at the same time. It is fitted with periodical polling system to monitor temperature and vibrations (2.2 MW at 6,000 rpm)


Complete test bench solution

BCSA Gear provides complete test bench including power electrical and control cabinet, remote controlled by PLC. The above test benches are designed and manufacturer by BCSA Gear for plane alternator with temperature and vibrations monitoring.

Industrial test stand manufactured for automobile gearboxes design

test stand for gearbox design

This test stand has been built for the design and the development of new generations of vehicule gearboxes.

Helicopter gearbox test bench

helicopter gearbox test bench, aeronautical industry test bench
We produce multipurpose test bench for helicopter main transmission boxes. The complete test stand includes the whole mechanical system for starting rotation and loading, control and data acquisition, with automatic loading systems (4 MW at 27,000 rpm)

Valdiation tests on test systems

Validation test on test benches for aeronautical and motor industry
All of our test benches are tested on our own test stands, in our factory and according to a procedure agreed with our customers. All functionalities are tested and all characteristic data recorded in a test report supplied with the complete documentation of the system.

Aircraft generator test bench

Aeronautical test stands, aircraft generator test bench
This test bench is used in the aeronatical industry; it includes the whole electro-mechanical drive system (variable speed motor, speed increaser gearbox and lubrication pump unit) and the control and monitoring systems (VF controller, temperature monitoring and vibration monitoring)

Aeronautical supercharger test stand

supercharger test bench
BCSA designs test bench for development of new generations of aircraft engine superchargers including the whole electro-mechanical drive system (variable speed motor, speed increaser gearbox and lubrication unit) and the control and monitoring systems (VF controller, temperature monitoring and vibration monitoring)

BCSA GEAR test benches are used in the following industrial sectors:

  • Aircraft and Space industries: Simulation test benches (Iron bird), engine test benches, generator test benches, helicopter main transmission test benches, auxiliary transmission test benches, bearing test benches, compressor test benches, etc …..
  • Car racing, Formula 1: Engine test benches, gearbox test benches, etc …
  • Road vehicles: Engine test benches, gearbox test benches, etc …
  • Rail transport: Traction motor test benches, etc…
  • Armament: Armoured vehicle transmission test benches, etc….
  • Industry: Electric motor test benches, etc….

Our strengths

  • Comprehension and taking into account of our customers’ needs and constraints: Custom test benches for your specific requirement.
  • Capacity to build turn-key test benches.
  • Skilled team with competences connected with very high speeds (balancing, critical speeds, vibration analysis and measurement, and, Lubrication).



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