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Speed increaser for F1 engine test bench

5 January 2017
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We have made a gearbox for a F1 engine test bench.
This is a 4 speeds and 2 outputs device. It is designed to resist to high powers and strong accelerations.

Gearbox for F1 engine testing purpose
  • Power : 2 x 418kW
  • Input Speed : 2 666 tr/min
  • Output Speed : 16 000 tr/min
  • Max Torque : 2 x 4 000 Nm
  • Weight : 805 Kg


Gearbox for F1 engine test rig

Gearbox for F1 engine test rig
Gearbox for F1 engine test rig

Gearboxes for upending devices

27 December 2016
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BCSA GEAR designs numerous gearboxes for the nuclear industry. We provide in particular gearboxes used for the nuclear fuel handling. The device below allows the fuel rod tilting during the extraction process.




  • Power : 4 kW
  • Input speed : 1,420rpm
  • Output speed : 25 rpm
  • Max Torque : 1,118 Nm
  • Weight : 127 Kg
  • Answering nuclear environment constraints


Speed increaser with belt drive system 15,400rpm 12.8kW

1 December 2016
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In the idea to satisfy the best its customers, BCSA GEAR offer the design which fit the best its customer needs. Here is a speed increaser using a pulley and belt system. This gearbox transmit the required power for a cost 36.7% cheaper than the classic gears system.

belt driving system gearbox


belt driving system gearbox

Power: 12.8 kW
Input Speed: 3,500 rpm
Output Speed: 15,400 rpm
Max Torque: 7.95 nm
Weight: 345 Kg