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Lubrification units

100% interchangeable replacement or new project, BCSA GEAR offers you a wide product range, reflecting decades of research and development in many industries. Each lubrification unit is designed carefully to answer specific fields of application.


Cement industry: depolluting units

lub 2
Lubrification unit for mill bearings, special design allowing a maximum cleanup aiming to increase the mill bearing lifetime. 50l/min@50Psi lubrification. Hydrostatic lifting 2×0.5l/min@3630Psi

Bearing test bench: High temperature unit

KR 5508 -a

High temperature lubrification unit for high speed bearing test bench. Injection temperature 110-250°F. 4x6L/min from 14,5 to 175 Psi. MIL PRF 23699 and turbo oil 2197 compatible.


Railway: OEM unit


Vertical unit for railway bench driving machine integration. Motor-driven pump group + gear-driven pump. Max flowrate 450l/min at 70 Psi ISO VG100


Automotive: custom-made unit

3960 - tq renault F1 centrale
Specific designed units for a total integration on F1 test bench. 80l/min at 30 Psi.

Aeronautics: air-cooled unit

Lubrification unit for electric equipment testing. 35l/min at 30 Psi. Air-cooled unit.

Aeronautics: High capacity unit

Lubrification unit for helicopter transmission gearbox test bench, coupled with the back to back bench. 600l/min at 30 Psi, 2x12l/min at 3630 Psi. ISO VG 100. Cooling capacity 450kW