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Embedded planetary gear speed reducer AS80 28,000 rpm

28 June 2016
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Speed reducer designed for the train industry with many constraints such as vibrations, noise, size or efficiency.

A part of those constraints are due to the fact that this gearbox is embedded to a moving system.

Technically the AS80 is a speed reducer with an epicyclic gear and an aluminium casing. It allows a reduction of 1/5.86 with a high nominal input speed (24,000 rpm).
The reducer allows overspeed up to 28,000rpm.

Power: 210kW
Maximum torque: 200mn@10,000rpm

Helicopter transmission gearbox test bench

21 June 2016
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  • Mechnical close loop test bench
  • Hydraulic loading device
  • Multipurpose test bench, capable of testing different types of MGB by changing adaptor gearbox
  • Helicopter main gearbox installation in less than 2 hours


MGB LS Shaft

Max Speed : 450 rpm

Max Torque : 191 000 Nm

Main rotor shaft loading

Vertical upward thrust : 120 000 N

Shear load : 15 000 N

Bending moment : 25 000 N