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Speed increaser for engine endurance tests

6 July 2019
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This speed increaser is an evolution of the T-shape gearboxes for which we have gain a sound expertise through the 20 units and more manufactured. Thus we found the usual bevel gears but also intermediary gear trains allowing a vertical offset easily recognizable with this impressive column. This offset is made to answer the best as possible our customer dimension needs. Unlike the other T-shape gearboxes mainly used for test benches, this one is designed for production line with 50 000h lifetime as it is used for engine validation.


Multiplicateur pour équilibreuse




  • Power : 2 x 375 kW
  • Input speed : 12 000 rpm
  • Output speed : 7 850 rpm
  • HS maximum torque : 1 600 Nm
  • Weight : 1 100 Kg


This T-shape gearbox has a phonic wheel embedded for rotational speed measurement and is also equipped with a torquemeter on HS side. The very low gear backlash gives the test system durability in every validation steps.

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