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Gearboxes for flap and radial gate winch

30 June 2016
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These speed reducers are a replacement and improvement of the old installation. This project shows the BCSA GEAR ability to answer specifics and demanding requests in terms of size, needs matching or installation.

Those different machines have shoe brakes, chain reels, holding tanks, many sensors allowing to prevent risks from overload, chain slackness and position sensors as well.

These gearboxes according to their environment have to be water resistant, consequently we find on those machines watertight casings, stainless steel chains greased by pulverization and also matching paints.


Flap gate winch speed reducer assembly



  • Power: 3.9 kW
  • Input speed: 950 rpm
  • Output speed: 0.157 rpm
  • Gear ratio: 1/6,069
  • Low speed torque: 72,617 N.m



Radial gate winch speed reducer assembly



  • Power: 3.9 kW
  • Input speed: 940 rpm
  • Output speed: 0.295 rpm
  • Gear ratio: 1/3,200
  • Low speed torque: 38,619 N.m



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