Industrial gearboxes

BCSA Gear manufactures industrial gearboxes such as conveyors gearbox, reduction gearbox, pump reduction gearbox, turbine drive, elevator reduction gearbox ; our reduction gearboxes are used in various sectors like hydro-electric power station, motor industry, paper mills and any industrial application.

BCSA GEAR industrial reduction gearboxes:

  • solve all your problems of mechanical power transmission, with dedicated solutions.
  • are suitable for all your requirements: respect of dimensions, increase in capacity, exact reduction ratio, etc
  • are incorporated into the most prestigious equipment: handling and hoisting, pumping, rolling, blowers, agitators and mixers.


Belt conveyor and handling reduction gearbox

reduction gearbox conveyor belt
“A” series “Handling” reduction gearbox with a monobloc casing and narrow dimensions, large standardised centre distance from 250 to 1250 mm, mounting either by floating hollow shaft or by fittings with male shaft connections. Applications: belt conveyor drive and gantry crane hoisting, hoisting up to 2500 kN.


Pump reduction gearbox

reduction gearbox for pump
Pump drive reduction gearbox in an explosive atmosphere. Self contained, oil tank incorporated into the casing, fitted with an integrated lubrication and cooling system.


Handling reduction gearbox

speed reduction gearbox design
“A” series “Handling” reduction gearbox. Vertical layout with output shaft connections. Monobloc casing. Direction and translation application for a travelling crane. Can be fitted with a clutch, a brake, a free-wheel or a differential.


Agitator reduction gearbox

reduction gearbox agitator
Agitator / mixer drive reduction gearbox, perpendicular shafts, built to the API 677 standard. The low speed shaft is fitted with a thrust for absorbing axial forces.


Auxiliary turbine gearbox

turbine drive reduction gear
Turbine auxiliary drive. Incorporation of a system of automatic starting motor uncoupling, with position sensing by a switch. Speed up to 12500 rpm.


Reduction gearbox for an elevator

elevator gearbox design
“U” series “Universal” reduction gearbox used in elevators, with split casing for easy maintenance and cleaning. parallel or angle drive shafts, horizontal or vertical, hollow or male shaft connections: all combinations are possible. Centres distances from 330 to 2,100 mm.


Special reduction gearbox for a prototype car propulsion system

reduction gearbox car propulsion prototype
“Special” gearbox with cast aluminium casing. Application: development of hybrid drives for cars. Speeds: 24,000 / 9,050 rpm.


Paper mill press reduction gearbox

reduction gearbox paper mill
U series “Universal” angle drive shaft reduction gearbox. Application: paper mill presses. 24 hour round-the-clock use justifying the oil cooling system.


Step-up gearbox for a hydro-electric power station

step-up gearbox hydro electric power station
Speed multiplier gearbox for a micro hydro-electric power station: power capacity up to 5,000 kW, efficiency over 98 %, thrust incorporated for absorbing the axial forces of the turbine. Vertical shaft configurations or configurations for bulb type turbine-generators are also possible.



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